Our cooperation with the GRK 2155 ProMoAge from Halle and Jena began with a big kick-off on June 4, 2021. All ProMoAge and SynAGE members were invited to this virtual event, at which selected individual projects were presented and possible cooperation ideas were discussed.

In the end it became clear that the cooperation between the graduate schools is welcomed by all sides. A first event to which we cordially invite all ProMoAge students is our Summer School in September 2021.



Many thanks to Claudia Ender (ProMoAge, SP13), Arina Urazova (ProMoAge, SP8), Antonio Marino (ProMoAge, SP15), Natalia Waal (SynAGE, TP1), Eleonora Cuboni (SynAGE, TP4) and Mahsima Khoshneviszadeh (SynAGE, TP7) for their great talks and lively discussions.