If you search for the word „mentoring“ in the world wide web, you will get millions of hits and different types of definitions and offers. Generally, mentoring is a one-on-one support relationship between an experienced person (mentor; in science often a professor or senior scientist) and a younger person seeking guidance (mentee; in science often a young researcher such as PhD student or postdoc).

The Female Scientist Network – Magdeburg is an umbrella, under which all female scientists that have ties to the city of Magdeburg can meet. In the last years, the network has offered mentoring events, where indeed experienced professionals provide guidance and support to individuals seeking to advance in their careers or fields of expertise. To help young scientists get started with mentoring, the network has summarized the topic of mentoring in four videos, which should help to give interested parties an overview of the topic. The four videos cover the topics

  1. Introduction to mentoring,
  2. How to find a mentor,
  3. How to prepare for and follow up on meetings and
  4. What to do in case of problems during mentoring