On June 8th, 2022, 15 doctoral students of the GRK 2413 and the SFB 1436 met to network and to learn more about EEG analyses by Prof. Dr. Markus Ullsperger and Dr. Hans Kirschner. The participants were introduced to possibilities on how to combine model-based behavioural analyses with single-trial EEG data. Computational modeling promises to help gain mechanistic insights into the temporal dynamics of brain signals to further our understanding of important cognitive processes. These models are especially fruitful if they exploit temporal dynamics within trials, as well as variation in cognitive processes that occur from trial-to-trial. On the other hand, electrophysiological signals, despite being highly time-resolved, have a poor signal-to-noise ratio. In this workshop, participants were introduced to basic techniques of how to combine single-trial data with EEG analyses using robust regression in time- and frequency-domain data. Moreover, the instructors showed means to use single-trial EEG activity to predict behaviour.



Man thanks to Prof. Dr. Markus Ullsperger and Dr. Hans Kirschner forgiving such an interactive workshop and the lively discussions.