Alessandro Dario Confettura

PhD thesis title: Molecular underpinnings of high-risk aging: neuronal insulin signaling, amyloidosis and the metabolic syndrome

Start: 2014

Degree: PhD, December 2019

Ufuk Emre Kul (associated student)

PhD thesis title: Reversibility of the Pathology in a Mouse Model of Fragile X- Associated Tremor/Ataxia Syndrome: Exploring Time-Dependence and Intervention Strategies

Start: 2016

Degree: summa cum laude, April 2020

Yunus Emre Demiray

PhD thesis title: Mechanism of integrin activation during neuronal differentiation

Start: 2015

Degree: May 2021

Maximilian Borgmeyer

PhD thesis title: Regulation of synaptic signaling following environmental enrichment and local secretory trafficking in neuronal dendrites

Start: 2017

Degree: March 2022