Priyadharshini Prabhakar

PhD thesis title: Regional and sub-regional heterogeneity of astrocytes as determinants for viscoelastic tissue properties, neuronal function and aging

Start: 2018

Judith Wolf

MD thesis title: Macromolecular protein transport from synapse-to-nucleus regulates nucleolar function and facilitates protein synthesis in neurons

Start: 2018

Archana Durairaja

PhD thesis title: Role of orexin neuropeptide in cognitive flexibility

Start: 2017

Sara Enrile Lacalle

PhD thesis title: Abnormal interneuron network configuration in a model of fragile X associated neuropsychiatric disorders

Start: 2020

Sebastian Samer

PhD thesis title: Dendritic mechanisms of synapto-nuclear protein transport

Start: 2017

David Baidoe-Ansah

PhD thesis title: Neural extracellular matrix (ECM) remodeling as a potential target for cognitive enhancement in aging brain

Start: 2017

Jeimmy Marcela Ceron Gonzalez

PhD thesis title: Characterization of novel RASopathy mouse models with conditional mutation in GABAergic interneurons

Start: 08.2020

Jana Kaluza

MD thesis title: Ndr2-dependent mechanisms of memory reconsolidation and specificity

Start: 11.2020

Fabian Zmiskol

PhD thesis title: Shaping neuronal engram ensembles through excitation-transcription coupling

Start: 04.2021

Thyra Albrecht

MD thesis title:  Characterization of blood immune cell subsets and neurological markers from IBD patients and experimental IBD model 

Start: 10.2021

Paola Cavalli

PhD thesis title:  Interdependencies of autophagy, protein synthesis, aging, activity and synaptic viability 

Start: 01.2022

Katja Neumann

Postdoc project: Microvascular dysfunction after acute physical stress

Start: 07.2023

Hendrik Mattern

Postdoc project: Microvascular injury-induced synaptic remodelling in the ageing brain

Start: 10.2023

Marwa Mohammed Al-Dubai

MD Project: The Protective Effects of Empagliflozin and Minocycline on Age-Related Microvascular Dysfunction During Physical Stress

Start: 07.2023