Career Day – 20th June 2019

Career Day – Perspectives for Women in Life Sciences

Also this year, students took the chance to get information about several career opportunities and sharpening their soft skills and networks.
SynAGE, together with the RTG 2408, CRC 779, CRC 854, FEM Power, Abinep, EKFK, LIN, OVGU and DZNE, have invited several notable speakers coming from academic and non-academic sectors. They gave presentations in which they reflected on their careers and field of action and discussed with the students the perspectives for young scientists. Furthermore, participants were given additional opportunities concerning their career management.
Additionally, a workshop “Career Development”, professional CV check, professional Application Photo shooting and the round table discussion „Scientific career and Child(ren)“ (leaded by our coordinator Anika) took place at the day.


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Photos: M. Dybiona (FME, OVGU)


We would like to thank our guests Lydia Sanmarti-Vila, Rasa Gulbinaite, Abigail Woodfin, Susanne Lüners, Elena, Azanon, Nicole Wetzel, Julia Noack, Stefanie Schreiber, Anne Dudeck, Nicole Angenstein, Andrea Kröger, Juliane Handschuh, Alena Stalmashonak, Kathrin Gruschka and Karin Bodewits for their contribution to that fantastic day.

Additional, we would like to appreciate the LIN as host and there especially the members of the Haustechnik and Medientechnik.

Special thanks also to Mrs. Dybiona, who accompanied the whole day with her camera.