Long Night of Science Magdeburg – May 2021

Live-Podcast for kids about viruses and bacteria – Tiny pathogens and how our body defends us against them

Saturday night, 29th of May, our doctoral students Stephan Behrendt, Matthias Kästle, Hussein Mousselli and Tabea Linde from the CRC 854 and RTG 2413 SynAGE of the University of Magdeburg explained more than 40 kids in an interactive live-podcast our body’s own immune response in case viruses and bacteria get into the body. The podcast was completed by an interactive questionnaire – every little guest was rewarded with a surprise package!



May thanks to Tabea Linde, Stephan Behrendt, Matthias Kästle and Hussein Mousseli for your idea of the live-podcast.

We would like to thank the CRC 854, especially Leonora Kulikovskaja, for the technical support and collaboration.