Long Night of Sciences – June 2023

Our SynAGE doctoral candidates presented their science to the general public at the Long Night of Science in Magdeburg. Hundreds of young and old visitors became scientists for one night. They looked at young and old neurons under the microscope and learned how every one of us can promote healthy ageing, including the opportunity to make a memory test.

We also showed how fear can be studied in animal experiments and 3D animations allowed our visitors to understand first-hand the differences between the human and mouse brains.



Many thanks to Miguel del Angel, Mihail-Sebastian Ghenghea, Kevin Jonischkies, Elif Gizem Kain, Katharina Klinger, Lara Kramer, Lena Kuczka, Sara Enrile Lacalle, Allison Loaiza, Akilashree Senthilnathan and Yanin Suksangkharn for their ideas, support and all their explanations to our guests.